Monday, 19 July 2010

Middle Of The Road Policy Leads To Socialism

The heading to this post was the title of a talk given on 18th April 1950 by Ludwig von Mises at the University Club of New York.

Not a long talk and it is well worth reading the transcript which begins here. One commenter remarked: 60 years ago and he could have been talking about the present day. He continued:
"The only real recourse "We The People" have is at the polls. Instead of re-electing the same sops over and over again...instead of getting our information in 7-second soundbites through the biased filters of the mass media...instead of thinking about "me first and right now" and considering affairs in a much broader and longer-term context...instead of complaining to ourselves and letting it all just happen...we have an opportunity every 2 and 4 years to implement a government that works, lest we get the government we deserve. And this can only happen through educating the ignorant among us. If every libertarian in this country took the time to explain to one family member (neighbor, co-worker, etc), calmly, rationally and with inarguable terms, why the free-market is in their best interests, the law of geometric progression would quickly turn the slide towards socialism in this country from inexorable to inconceivable. Ignorance and sloth are the enemies of liberty."


Anonymous said...

Like the sentiments, but, and it is a big but, we do not really have a choice at the General Election. This last one was disgraceful, "A" lists from Camerloon, quotas from nu-labour and behind the scenes I would bet on dirty deals by lib-dums. For example, where I live the council is lib-dum as are the two MPs but Cameron picked a mate but we never once saw him. I do not know anyone who did.

Witterings From Witney said...

anon, what you say just illustrates the control we have allowed the politicos to exert over us.

A revolution and rebellion is long overdue and I can see that coming in the years ahead as the people will only have the last resort of taking to the streets!