Sunday, 18 July 2010

Observations On Conservative Principles

Two articles on the Telegraph website caught my eye, making me ponder just in what do the Conservative Party believe.

In the first, Melissa Kite reports on the 'orders' of David Cameron to ensure that more of his backbench MPs attend debates. Citing those that were sparsely attended the article makes mention that for PMQs, it is packed - nothing to do with MPs wanting to appear on television? Of course not!

Actually, what caught my eye was this excerpt:

"Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, has also warned that Britain would drift towards an "elective dictatorship" unless it returned greater powers to Parliament by reviving debate on the floor of the House."
What on earth does KC mean: 'would drift towards an elective dictatorship unless it returned greater powers to Parliament'? Because Parliament has (a) ceded powers to the European Union and (b) has retained far too many powers of those left, means we are already in an 'elective dictatorship' on both counts! Is this man truly a bigger ass than I originally took him for?

John Bercow, our diminutive Speaker, also tries to negate the comment made by MPs who say it is a waste of their time sitting in the Chamber, waiting to be called, when they could be in their offices 'getting on with their work' (no doubt with a quick trip for liquid refreshment!). Perhaps if Parliament only dealt with 'national' matters (defense, foreign policy, immigration) and devolved everything else the MPs would have more time for discussion as the debating periods could be lengthened - and in so doing allow them to become more informed on matters on which they intend to legislate!

In the second article, again by Melissa Kite, she reports on an attempt by David Cameron to block the election of a eurosceptic to the chair of the European Scrutiny Committee. For one who supposedly believes in devolution of power (or rather whats left of it, having conceded one hell of a lot has already gone) one again Cameron tries to interfere in what is supposed to be a democratic process - unless of course he was attempting to 'cash-in' on what he believes is his increasing popularity?

Parliament truly is a club of self-serving, self preserving, elitists!

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