Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Choice For Britain

This is the heading of a document produced by the Labour Party, following the close of their conference in Brighton.

In the foreward, written by Gordon Brown, it lists steps he and his Party intend to take. Amongst these are:

"on public services, the reforms to ensure that high standards in education and health are a guarantee, not a gamble;
on strengthening family life, delivering affordable childcare and care of the elderly for an ageing

on strong communities, getting tough on anti-social behaviour, binge drinking and the misery caused by dysfunctional families,"

WTF! Labour have had 12 years and they still haven't 'delivered'!

The last paragraph of the foreward contains this: "A new Labour Government based on our enduring mission to offer everyone, not just the privileged few, the chance to succeed." Interesting to see that 'new' is not capitalised - so we are back to 'Old' Labour then?

Under the heading of 'Fulfilling Britain's great potential' we read this: "A fair market: a view of wealth creation, work and prosperity that gives everyone the chance to succeed, preparing Britain for the future." Sounds more like re-introduction of Clause 4 than anything else!

We then get: "An empowering state: moving from the traditional paternalistic state to empowering government, giving people the tools they need, protecting them from risks they cannot handle alone." Note the phrase 'moving from the traditional paternalistic state to empowering government' - in other words more of the 'you will do, think and act as you are told' dictatorial attitude.

Page 9 of this document contains the statement "Our mission is to strive for a more prosperous, fairer, greener, more democratic Britain." Setting to one side 'prosperous', 'fairer' and 'greener'; how on earth can the Labour Party, or any party for that matter, talk about a 'more democratic Britain' when they, the politicians, have, without our consent, signed us up to membership of an organisation completely undemocratic?

On that last point the statement on page 13, discussing what the next election is about, says: "It involves a fundamental argument about the future of Britain." is most certainly true - the only problem is that the Labour Party, along with the Conservatives - regardless of what they say - and the Liberal Democrats will not debate the future of Britain, viz-a-viz Britain's membership of the EU, nor wil they give us a vote on the subject!

I really cannot be bothered to comment on the remainder of this 'document'*, except to say that it would seem to promise us more of the same, more state-intervention, more bureaucracy, more EU. So if it is 'more of the same', bearing in mind the state of our nation, how would anyone, with a sane mind, really want more?

* The FT have finished the job!

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