Thursday, 1 October 2009

Harriet Harman - Raison D'etre?

What is the purpose of this individual?

Other than epitomising the Party of which she is a member - ie 'a bit worn round the edges' - that is.

As a 'closing speech, if this is the entire content, not very long - is it?

Even her attempts at humour fall rather flat. Commenting on the latest content of page 3, in the Sun, Harriet says: "And what a coincidence – she’s called Harriet, aged 20,  from Peckham.  The only problem is that Harriet is so concerned about jobs that she’s forgotten to get dressed." Problem is Harriet, you were so concerned about trying to get dressed, you forgot everything else!

Whilst praising various individuals, Harriet mentions Peter Mandelson, thus: "And as for me and Peter, I think it’s taken us both by surprise.  Things are moving so fast I’m even thinking of taking him home to meet my mum." WTF - is there 'something going on' that we don't know about? Unlikely, as rumour has it that it would not be her mum that Mandelson would be most 'interested' in meeting, but I digress.

Stating that Labour stands for the country as a whole, Harriet says: "But above all we stand up for the people who need the power of government to ensure that they have opportunity and dignity in their life, for themselves and for their families." Yeah, right Harriet, so much so that Labour have created a society where the words 'opportunity' and 'dignity' have all but vanished; a society where Labour do not believe that people could, or even should, have the choice to think for themselves.

Do go read the remainder of this 'drivel' - it is so ridden with untrue and implausable content as to be quite hilarious.

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