Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tinkering At The Edges

What is it with politicians that they believe they have the power to 'allow' us, the electorate, to have 'a say' in how we are governed?

Albeit it is the Guardian, but if their facts are correct then this 'announcement' by William Hague is no more than what the title of this post alleges.

Mr. Hague and the party of which he is a member talks about 'devolution of power', so let us have just that. Go read The Plan, William! Unless you and your party is talking about 'national' matters, if you and your party really believed in 'devolution of power' then you would abandon this idea of 'central government dictats' and leave local laws to local people.

If it means that you would not like the laws we would then have in Oxfordshire, then the message is simple:

Stay in bloody Yorkshire!

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David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

"Devolution of power" only means anything if it is recognised that we the people have the power in the first place, and can therefore devolve it onto paid politicos temporarily.

We lend it, they borrow it. they cannot give it away, just as you can't sell the mortgage on your house to another without the lender's permission.