Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Costly Non-Spectacle

Looking at the Politics Home dashboard for today, Alastair Campbell has received a level of media attention that any politician would give their eye teeth for.

The MSM are all agog for the 'bombshell' disclosure - which weren't ever going to happen. The man who 'made' Blair (with a little help, from behind - if readers will forgive the use of those two words - by Mandelson) was never going to 'knife' Blair or Brown, although he didn't stop 'Short' where others were concerned. As for his statement that the UK should be proud of its achievements - purlease! Anyone would be forgiven for believing this man had been solely responsible for a great victory.

And to think we have to endure Hoon and Straw in the days ahead! Hoon will do no more than try to 'buff' his image and, being a Blairite, is hardly like to knife Blair in the spine. Straw would not know a spine if he walked into one!

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