Sunday, 3 January 2010

More 'Brain Washing' From The Little Green Men

One only has to refer to the home page of the Global Warming Policy Foundation to see what a mess the environ 'mentalists' have got themselves into.

And one only has to read the Times story that is mentioned to see that it does not take a 'filament' of a normal persons intelligence to immediately see that the carbon saving scheme is totally ridiculous, ill thought out and can only have been devised by someone having an extreme lack of brain power!

Turning to the Mail story we find that we are already paying 'taxes' on four schemes, namely the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target, the Renewables Obligation, the Community Energy Saving Programm, with a fifth to come shortly. 

For one moment consider the Energy Intensive Users' Group: from their website we learn that "EIUG is a single-issue lobby group which campaigns for secure industrial energy supplies at internationally competitive prices. Its members are trade associations and customer groups representing energy-intensive industrial sectors that share a common interest in energy matters" and that "EIUG is the UK member of IFIEC (link broken),  the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers, based in Brussels. IFIEC represents industrial consumer interests on environmental energy issues at an international level, and is the key consumer voice pressing for the creation of a single, liberalised energy markets in Europe."

So, leaving aside the fact we have a lobby group lobbying for the benefit of its members and that the lobby group belongs to another group in Brussels whose intention is to further an EU policy - talk about what goes round comes round - two points on the Mail story:

1. Funny how all roads seem to lead to Brussels - and you can draw your own conclusions!

2. No-one, I repeat no-one asked me if I wished to be greener! That decision was taken by politicians, who hiding their subservience to Brussels in that they are beholden to the EU on environmental matters - ever since the Single European Act, thanks to a 'Major' decision - means that once again the British taxpayer has been dropped into the 'smelly brown stuff'!

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