Monday, 11 January 2010

More LibDem Wriggling

Following an earlier post on responses received by the Albion Alliance to a simple question, this post has been brought to my attention.

The following response has been offered on Martin Turner's blog: 

"We are after one simple thing.  A referendum which polls show the electorate want but the politicians, despite promises, don't. Which side of the argument you would campaign and vote on is neither here nor there. Do you want to give the people their democratic right or not, as you are asking them to vote for you under the impression you are. Do you not accept that, if elected, you are supposed to represent the views of your constituents above that of your party?Honest questions to which you promise honest answers. Well? "

Whether accepted or not I have no idea - nor if comment moderation is on.

Polls keep informing us that 70 per cent - or thereabouts - of the electorate want a referendum. If the means by which we are governed is to be handed to Brussels on a permanent basis, then that approval must be given by the electorate and not decided by politicians. With all three main parties wedded to EU membership underlines the fact that they have no idea of what true democracy is.

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Trooper Thompson said...

I've posted this on Martin Turner's blog. It disappeared into the ether. Let us see if it re-appears.

"The reason for the formation of the Albion Alliance is because Labour and Lib Dems betrayed clear manifesto commitments to hold a referendum, and lately the tories jettisoned their commitment. Hence our desire to pin you politicians down. It doesn't mean to say we believe you'll be true to your word, but at least we'll know where we stand.

You want an honest question? A sensible question? Okay, here's the question:

Will you push for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU?

Let me remind you Nick Clegg called for this during the 'debate' over the Lisbon Treaty. If my question is not honest or sensible, please explain why."