Monday, 11 January 2010

Singing From The Same Hymn Sheet

Nick Clegg has promised a 'short and direct' manifesto saying that it will have four core principles including a 'new politics'. On the same webpage we see that David Cameron pledges a 'radical shake-up' - so both are promising 'change'.

Now political manifestos are, in most cases, works of fiction, works that a writer of mystery stories would be proud. Because a manifesto promises to improve, for example, our education system is quite simply not good enough. Voters may well agree that an education system does require improvement, yet then have no direct voice in the methods which are adopted as they have not been given in the manifesto.

Does a 'new politics, and a 'radical shake-up' promise for example, the opportunity for the electorate to have a say on EU membership; whether we should remain in Afghanistan or whether true localism and devolvement of power can be exercised by local communities?

Words, words with no substance, no detail, is all we get from our politicians, who pay lip-service to democracy yet deny that democracy to the people.

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