Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Charge Sheet

Peter Hitchens, on his blog, writes:

"Many people believe that the Conservative Party is significantly different from the Labour and Liberal Democratic Parties. This is no longer true. It has, especially under Mr Cameron, become a copy of those parties on all the issues about which its own voters care most."

And the reason that the Conservative Party has become a copy of Labour and the Liberal Democrats is because of Cameron's acceptance of EU 'rule'. EU 'rule' is a subject which fully deserves the term 'Elephant in the room' - a phrase I believe first used by Richard North over at EU Referendum - in that it looms large in all our lives, yet the Lib/Lab/Con would have us believe it does not exist.

Providing reasons why the Conservative Party is not 'streets ahead' in this general election Hitchens provides a lengthy summary of the main reasons why the Tory party has forfeited the trust - and ought to forfeit the votes - of its traditional supporters.

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