Sunday, 2 May 2010

One Rule For Them, One Rule For Us

Nick Clegg, campaigning in Marsden West Yorkshire, a traditional Labour stronghold and repeating a line that both Cameron and Brown also endorse:

".... never again can we allow a small clique of financiers in the City of London to hold a gun to the jead of the rest of the British economy...."

So what do we, the people, do about a small clique (three) of politial leaders in Westminster who hold a gun to the head of the British electorate and deny their electorate a choice on EU membership; who deny the electorate information on their policies; who deny the electorate the opportunity to hear debate with parties other than their own; politicians who are guilty of lying, twisting and spinning facts in order to gain votes from the electorate?

So why do we allow that - we their employers and paymasters?


Chuckles said...

Thanks to the witless politicos their utter incompetence, and their wilful schoolboy machinations, that small clique of financiers in London pretty much are the British economy, so why shouldn't they do whatever they like with it?

derek.buxton1 said...

I do not worry about the bankers but by hell I worry about Cameron/Clegg/Brown, thieves,liars and con men. Ayn Rand says of the ecology movement "they want to take away all our goods and reduce us to living in the 1800s". And she was writing in the 60s and early 70s, no one listened!