Saturday, 1 May 2010

Daniel Hannan - Losing His Marbles?

Earlier today Daniel Hannan posted that iDave had adopted 'The Plan' and now 'The Contract' with the people of Britain.

Commenting as "An Englishman's Viewpoint", I said:


While it is a known fact that politicians will ‘twist’ facts to suit their argument, this article really is pushing your reader’s logic to extreme limits and is unworthy of the regard with which you are held by most people in this country.

Cameron has not adopted The Plan, because if he had he would not be campaigning to ‘remain in Europe, but not governed by Europe’ whilst at the same time stating he believes we need to remain a member of the EU. He would have a policy to devolve to local authorities all that has been devolved to Scotland. 

With regard to the ‘Contract’ – this is not worth the paper on which it is written and in order to save time perhaps it may be possible I am allowed to submit a claim for breach right now!

I have to say that you are falling fast in my – and I would venture – other’s esteem, while you continue to write ‘drivel’ such as the above."

So here we have, with the article, a classic example of a politician licking the boots of his Leader, a Leader with whom he is in total disagreement where the democratic right of self-government is concerned! Which leaves Hannan's honesty and principles where, exactly?

How are the mighty fallen!


13th Spitfire said...

It appears that if Dave wins power and if he does not do anything about the EU within one year of his tenure of Nr 10 'something' will happen - as much seems clear according to the Spectator and the Telegraph. The support of his MPs is not unequivocal. Particularly not since the incoming batch are ardently more eurosceptic than any lot since 1973.

Alas, since UKIP wont win I think that all we can do, for now, is to give Dave and his lot the benefit of the doubt. There are a lot of good eggs in the Conservative Party but most of them are not on the front bench. However of their sort there are a lot and together the wield loads of power, they know this, and Cameron knows this. He cannot get away with a wishy-washy EU policy after he climbs into the PM cockpit and will have to demonstrate some actual direction and magnitude with regards to his destination.

Witterings From Witney said...

Whilst I admire your faith in iDave, 13th I fear your 'trust' is greatly misplaced!

In any event, I can but hope that you, amongst the majority, will find on May 7th that a great surprise has happened!

13th Spitfire said...

Well I do not see what one can really do. Lest PR is adopted UKIP do not stand a chance under the current system and as such will not get their voice heard. Now I support FPTP for it has kept the UK the most stable political nation in Europe for centuries and I do not think PR will change politicians pathetic attitude towards their masters: us. It seems like a short cut to cleaning up Westminster.