Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Tad Counter-Productive?

Along with Brown and Clegg, Cameron wishes to appeal to all sections of the community - and then he promptly singles out 'Black Britain' for special treatment.

If Britain is 'one country', if Britain has been changed in all recognition as a nation to what it once was by (unlimited) immigration; if it is the desire of our political elite to have all races 'integrate', why do politicians send out different messages to each section of society? Does not this practice highlight the differences, differences that politicians are desperate to counter?

Does our Judiciary not compound the problem with what can only be seen as ridiculous judgements? Witness the example offered by 13th Spitfire in this post? Desecration of a war memorial in our country is unacceptable behaviour - it may be in the perpetrator's homeland, but not here!

This underlines one basic principle that immigrants have to accept if they wish to live amongst us - it is our country and they have, repeat have, to accept our customs and practices - or they leave, whether under their own steam or not!

It is only by immigrant's acceptance of that basic principle will full integration be accomplished. Politicians, please take note!

Update: Gerald Warner, in a typically acerbic post, comments here.

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Adam R. said...

Just looking at those posters in the background is quite entertaining.

By Bye Bureaucracy- I assume he means Labour's bureaucracy. Say hello to Big Society Cameron's bureaucracy.

Get Britain Working: With EU permission on the type of jobs to be created.

We Are All In This Together: All while addressing a race collectively.