Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Views On The General Election

Differing views have emerged on the monumental decision voters must make on Thursday, one from the Comment Is Free on the Guardian website and the other, courtesy of Subrosa, from an older voter. Subrosa's own comments in her post are also well worth reading, in that they echo the views expressed by Welcome to my World.

In an earlier post I alluded to the fact that the electorate has been brain-washed by our politicians and bureaucrats and nothing demonstrates this than the points made in the three posts linked to above. Sholto Byrnes in the Guardian makes some valid points, especially when discussing the campaign. He writes "Absent are the deep ideological divisions of Foot v Thatcher, the visceral rhetoric of Kinnock, the theatrical flourishes of Heseltine. Instead of great clashes, we have three variants of managerialism on offer – even though none can say how they will manage the great catastrophe that faces us.", something echoed by Welcome to my World. And why are 'three variants of managerialism' on offer? One need only look across the channel, in the direction of Brussels, for the answer!

"Perhaps this is the fault of the media, for concentrating solely on those three men." Therein lies yet another problem - our media and their coverage. "Maybe the electorate now has so little trust in the substance of politicians' words, it has concluded that it might as well judge them on style instead." What else can the electorate do, when the media has 'controlled' what they can read? What else can voters do when politicians do not 'level' with them? We now read in the media about voting fraud and the consequences here and here

Our democracy is in dire straits indeed and the only people to blame are those are asking for your vote to be placed in the blue, red or yellow boxes on Thursday!

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