Sunday, 2 May 2010

Well Written Media Articles?

While it is, I believe, generally acknowledged that the politicians have not served the electorate propertly during the campaign period with their lying, prevarication and obfuscation, it is fair to say that the political commentators are just as guilty in that they have not provided the electorate with the necessary 'information service' whereby voters can be well informed.

Consider, as an example, Janet Daley and her piece in today's Sunday Telegraph, in which she states that the undecided will not decide this election. She also maintains that "At last we have the outlines of a clear choice between governing doctrines. After years of confusion, adrift in a phoney landscape of pretend argument and platitudinous consensus, in which the only contest was to see how effectively each camp could plagiarise its opponents, we have a genuine, honest polarity. There is the Gordon Brown view of Big Government as economic and social engineer: instigator and guarantor of economic progress, "fairness" and moral authority, versus the David Cameron case for a government that usurps less power from the community and enables people to take responsibility for themselves." Daley also ponders if "People who are, at this late stage, still uncertain about how to vote are statistically more likely to be apolitical or anti-political – and hence more inclined to dislike the very sort of argument which is at the heart of electoral contests, and to see politics as an ugly or unappetising activity in itself."

What planet Janet Daley has been living on must be open to question as between Labour's 'Big Government' and Conservative's 'Big Society' - with its own form of 'Big Government' of which a National Citizens Service directed by central government is a part - there is little difference. All three parties - Labour, Conservative and the Libdems - believe in membership of the EU; believe in carpeting the countryside and our shores with wind farms and other 'green' environmental policies which will bankrupt the country; believe in uncontrolled immigration from within the EU; believe in continued central government control of the 'purse-strings', to name but a few policy areas.

It can also be argued that the numbers still undecided is due to their disregard for three parties which are virtually identical and that their indecision is due purely to which of the other parties they intend giving their vote. It is also my belief that those 'a-political' or 'anti-political', to which Daley refers, are few in number due to the general dislike now of the Lib/Lab/Con which is the reason the numbers of those registering to vote has increased.

Not only is our politics broken, but so is our media in that it is controlled and owned by people with vested interests resulting in what can only be described as 'controlled output' and thereby producing a form of censorship. As a country we have been lulled into a false sense of personal security to the extent that as long as people can watch their favourite 'soap', reality tv programme and the other banal offerings they feel immune to the problems the country faces. Unfortunately, by the time these same people do realise that a problem exists, it will be too late as we, the people, will have been well and truly 'taken over', both mentally and physically.

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