Thursday, 8 July 2010

Another Cameron Contradiction

In today's Daily Telegraph (print edition) an article by Andrew Porter, headlined ' Cameron's people power for a new Britain' states that David Cameron, addressing an audience of 450 civil servants, will say that "We need to completely change the way this country is run."

The speech is also covered by the Press Association here, along with the additional quote that "We want to replace the old system of bureaucratic accountability with a new system of democratic accountability - accountability to the people, not the government machine" - and still this idiot - sorry Mr. Cameron, but there is no other word to describe you and your views - wishes to remain a member of the European Union!

On that topic Your Freedom and Ours has a post about the European Arrest Warrant and the contradiction with extradition into and out of this country. Helen Samuelzy ends her post quoting Theresa May - our erstwhile Home Secretary - who states "We note that the European Court of Human Rights has decided that all the applications are partly admissible. We await the court's judgement on the case. In the meantime these individuals will remain in custody." (my emphasis) and this apology of a government still believes they govern us?

If Cameron truly believes we need to change how this country is governed thus allowing his Home Secretary to do her job propertly, then he would get us the hell out of the EU! Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the separate matter of the landfill tax and ends by describing Cameron as 'this vile, putrid, festering, stinking dung heap' - you are being too polite Richard, methinks - and ends by wishing that he is still alive to see the likes of Cameron get his 'come-uppance and I can but also hope that I too live long enough to witness that.


not a mouse said...

I share your sentiments entirely, and take pleasure in applying your description to either head of the di-cephalic monster we're supposed to imagine is our government!

However, you do slightly mis-represent North's words, which are: "And at the top of this vile, putrid, festering, stinking dung heap of a system is little Georgie and his boss David Boy Cameron, he who thinks we should be in Europe and not ruled by Europe."

Witterings From Witney said...

nam, fair comnment, but lets call it poetic licence? If they are at the head of the pile, then they are by nature one of that pile, ergo they are vile........