Friday, 9 July 2010

Should Criminals Get The Vote?

The Express reports that the Coalition our imposed 'mish-mash of a government have agreed in Cabinet to have the Lib Dem policy put into law as soon as possible to bring Britain into line with human rights rulings from European judges.

It is still the belief of this blog that those who spurn the society in which they live have no right to the benefits of that society. Most criminals will have to have offended a great many times before they are given a prison sentence. Under Ken Clarke's policy with more community-based sentencing, by the time criminals actually receive a custodial sentence they will have proven ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ that they are not going to respect the laws government pass any way – so why should they have any input at all in the making of those laws. Clegg wants us to be brought into line with the rest of the EU, at the expense of what the British people think and how offended most of the UK electorate will be at this ridiculous suggestion – so no change their then.
So much for Call Me Dave's mantra of 'In Europe but not run by Europe'. Perhaps this should be amended to read 'In Europe but run by the LibDems on behalf of Europe'!


Mrs Rigby said...

I think the pressure isn't just from the EU, there are all sorts of 'rights' groups involved too and it depends on the reason for incarceration.

Not sure I agree with 'criminals' being allowed to vote, but when "Mr Jones gets put in prison for not paying his community charge, or for putting the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin" for example, I'd make an exception, and having made one exception ....

Witterings From Witney said...

Mrs, R. in fact the pressure is indirectly from the EU by our subservience to the ECHR through our membership.

Agreed, exceptions do exist but the rubbish tax and nonpayment of CT should never have been put on the stutute book in the first place.