Sunday, 4 July 2010

State Sponsored Kidnapping

The Purple Scorpion links to Christopher Booker's article in today's Sunday Telegraph and the website Forced Adoption on the subject of the removal, by Social Services, of children who are then placed for adoption. As TPS asks, why is this not a 'front page' item? And I would add to TPS's questions just who the hell are these 'gods' who have such draconian powers?

What type of society have we become whereby 'practices' such as those highlighted are permitted purely on suspicion of mis-treatment? What next - that a licence will be needed from the state to have children? Does the state have any limitation where the lives of parents and children are concerned? In respect of that last question, it would appear not when viewing this story in the Mail.

And as TPS writes, shame on our 'elected' representatives for their silence on the subject too!

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James Higham said...

You can add mentoring to that.