Friday, 9 July 2010

What Has The Eurozone Got To Do With The World Cup?

Exactly! But according to according to Jean Claud-Trichet, everything.
"Trois pays européens, de la zone euro, figurent parmi les meilleures équipes de foot du monde: c'est très impressionnant!"
Or in a proper language:
"Three Eurozone countries are among the best football teams in the world: that’s very impressive!
On both the euro and the World Cup, Trichet's statement really is a load of balls!


The Boiling Frog said...

I think what Trichet really means (although he probably only knows this subconsciously) is that the World Cup, like most sporting events, is a great way to paper over the cracks politically and economically at home, especially for dictatorships.

Like the 1978 World Cup with the Argentine junta. Bread and circuses 'n' all that

rvi said...

He forgot to add that it was a eurozone based company that produced the wobbly ball that all those highly skilled footballers were complaining about.