Sunday, 11 July 2010

'Confidential' Smokescreen

The Open Europe report referred to in this article in the Sun does not yet appear to be on-line. However, for all its inherent sensationalism, even the Sun presumably has reprinted the facts correctly.

Leaving aside the matter of 'belching' and 'smelly feet', the items which caught my eye were:
"And a staggering £400million was paid out in grants to projects around the world about which no details have been released because they are described as "CONFIDENTIAL".
"And £6.4million for "financial co-operation" among Mediterranean countries was paid to an unnamed body in Switzerland".
WTF! £406.4million paid out and the EU don't see fit to allow us to see the details? Where is the outcry by our politicians, both national and EU, about such a practice? 

The lack of outcry is probably due to the fact it is impossible to see or hear anything when your head is buried so deep up your own rear orifice!

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