Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fun & Games to Be Had?

A new website has been published which allows you to very easily change your name by deed poll, at the staggering minimal cost of £13.50 a time - when done on-line.

Oh what fun could be had for the forthcoming 2011 Census! (As an aside, it is difficult to understand why the 2011 Census cannot be prevented immediately - it only takes two words: 'Stop It'; but hey ho, politicians never take the easy method.) Anyway, what if we were all to change our name prior to the Census and then change it back again afterwards. Consider, we could all change our name to David Cameron or Nick Clegg and classify our sexuality as 'Lesbian' and religion as 'Jedi', for example. Consider all the work involved for our bureaucrats in local and national government changing all the data they hold on us and then about two or three weeks later having to repeat the exercise. For anyone with the financial means, it would be tempting to do it 52 times during the next year.

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Mr Civil Libertarian said...

My God.

Genius like this only comes along once in a blue moon.