Thursday, 13 August 2009

Afgahanistan & Three More Lives Lost

Prompted by a post from Subrosa on the subject of the announcement of three more lives lost in Afghanistan, the following thought occcured.

Nearly every week (well, the weeks when Parliament actually sits) we hear of politician after politician lament the loss of a member of the armed forces personnel in Afghanistan.

Now, unless I have missed something*, anyone ever seen one of these politicians paying their 'so-called' repects at a Wotton Bassett 'event'?

Just a thought...................

* If I have - then my apology to the politician(s) concerned/

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subrosa said...

No senior member of government has ever attended the airport or Wootton Bassett WW, not to my knowledge anyway.

If they did now I doubt if they would ever return. The public wouldn't accept such a token gesture.