Thursday, 13 August 2009

Even George Orwell Did Not Think Of This?

That was the immediate thought when I read this 'example' of 'statist intervention'.

Mind you I suppose Liverpool City Council, seemingly comprised of 'dogs', is the only place you would find this type of dogmatic thinking.

On the basis that one would logically think the majority of under 18s that they are trying to ban are already smokers, what does this accomplish?

Are there not more pressing matters that Liverpool City Council could consider and thus engage what passes for their brains?

One senses the oncoming wrath of a Puddlecote.............


Fausty said...

The left have managed to drop history as an important subject so the next Orwellian step is to erase other traces of history and culture.

Better to paint on a blank canvass.

About half of Liverpudlians smoke, so in one move, the control freaks gain control over a massive swathe of the population. They couldn't've picked a better city to start on their new pet project.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I've done it before and I'm under the weather. There is a very interesting 'consultation' though. Worth looking at.

(I have filled it in so will see the results - should be fun) ;-)