Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Germany Likely to Run Out Of Steam

Surprising as it may seem, the heading of this post is totally true, if this blogger is correct - and on the basis bloggers appear to have a pretty good record of being right (no pun intended - not this time) there would seem to be no reason to doubt the authenticity. of the post.

Henrik Alexandersson, a prominent Swedish blogger has unearthed the fact that the EU Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security is proposing a ban on the fuel used for children’s toy steam engines in an effort to prevent terrorism.

For those of you that do not speak/read Swedish, courtesy of Google translation service, the English version can be read here.

Not only does Alexandersson demonstrate the total illogically of EU 'thinking' (if 'thinking it really is) together with the question of whether the Germans will allow it to happen; it also demonstrates one other point:

These EU bastards can 'let off steam' even when they are supposed to be on a undeserved holiday!

H/T: Open Europe blog

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