Saturday, 15 August 2009

Energy - And The Future Lack Of It has an article with the title 'How long till the lights go out?' repeating the known fact that by approximately 2015 most of our nuclear power stations will be inoperative and discussing the alternatives of gas, coal and wind.

This subject is one that has been extensively covered by Richard North, on EU Referendum, and Christopher Booker in his columns in the Sunday Telegraph. In direct contrast to those two campaigners, it would appear that our potential energy 'problem' is one that our political elite have no real wish - nor ability, due to the constrictions of our membership of the EU - to even discuss. Coupled with this is the problem that David Cameron - assuming as most do that he will be the next Prime Minister (in name at least) - will have just as a General election is being held, especially as he is 'wedded' to the same, insane, policy of renewable energy provision.

It really does say something when, amongst our political elite, sensible comments/criticism on our system of health care is deemed more important than a potential energy shortage*!

* An example of which is this, issued by the Labour Party's 'media outlet'! Burnham should ask himself what is more 'unpatriotic': comment/criticism of an outdated 'system of health care' or ceding Britain's ability to govern ourselves?

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