Friday, 28 August 2009

No More Laughing Policemen?

A report in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph - cannot seem to find an on-line link - states:

"Police officers have been sent on a 'positive thinking course to teach them to smile and tell revellers to 'have a good time'. More than 500 Pcs and sergeants were told not to use phrases such as 'whats going on here then?' and 'we don't want any trouble', in case they came across as killjoys. The one-day courses cost Leicestershire Police tens of thousand of pounds, Police Review reported." A spokesman for the force said: "We provide this kind of training to our officers because we believe it is important to provide the public with an excellent service."

Er.....Since when did the modern copper use phrases like 'whats going on here then'?


If police forces wish to provide a better service - how about disbanding ACPO then? How about actually having a visible presence on the streets? How about getting rid of all that bureaucracy that seems to have 'invaded' the police and their procedures? How about actually listening to Inspector Gadget? How about dismissing all that 'Brass' at the top of the police organisation who know how to fill a form in and 'present' statistics - and installing some of those below who actually know how a police force should work? How about a police force that told the Home Office to 'go procreate' and that they, the Home Office, are using the wrong orifice for speech?

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