Saturday, 8 August 2009

Armed Forces Equipment & Personnel Shortages

Much has been written on the subject of equipment and personnel shortages that our Armed Forces suffer due to the inability of our 'government' to make decisions.

Well here is the proof*:

Hey Cap'n, I know we're short of equipment - but..........!

No, the Ass is not called Gordon!

I spy with my little eye........

No, this is not Mandelson - he is the rear gunner!

And now for something completely different (to coin a phrase):

Does a woman go anywhere without a handbag?

The response of the Armed Forces to Gordon Brown and his 'government'
(and that is not an invitation to some members of our queer government!)


Some I missed:

The new Gnat trainer!

You too can play Minesweeper!
(and you don't need the internet)

Now, how do I turn left?

While we wait for the A400M.......................

* OK, so they are Americans - but you get the drift.

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