Thursday, 27 August 2009

From Their Own Words........

Harry's Place has a post on the Scottish Islamic Foundation - now there's a title for you - and from this post is a quote that Islamists - and come to that any other religious or ethnic group - would do well to remember.

"Calling for censorship of offensive cartoons (“You just don’t do pictures of the Prophet, period. It’s a cultural thing, accept it and respect it”)." (my emphasis)

To all those who choose to live in Britain, remember you are a 'guest' in our 'home' and if something that you don't like is so important to you that it has a detrimental effect on your life - you can always move to another country! Remember also that when 'we' visit 'your' country we accept it as it is, we do not try and change your way of life, we accept your laws and customs and if we break those laws and customs we accept your 'punishment' - all we ask of you is the same courtesy.

To all those immigrants, or descendants of immigrants, who wish to change the British 'way of life' - thereby introducing aspects of their 'culture' into our society, who demand special 'consideration' and who are offended by some of our 'traditions' - only one comment applies and you said it!

Its a cultural thing, accept it and respect it!

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