Saturday, 29 August 2009

Deflowering Roundabouts

Yet other example of 'statist' control of people's lives, coupled with the 'brain-dead' mindset of bureaucratic thinking.

As for ' the plants could catch the eye of passing drivers - and cause an accident' - what utter stupidity is this?

How about the 'useless' motorway signs, which can just as easily 'distract' the eyes of a driver - advising one 'not to drink and drive' and to 'take a break'. How about the small private airfield, beside the M3 between Farnborough and Hook interchanges - are we about to ban the light aircraft from landing and taking off as it may 'catch the eye of passing drivers - and cause an accident'?

Oh, and what about the schemes that some local authorities have whereby companies 'adopt', or sponsor, a roundabout and provide funds for planting and upkeep in return for advertising themselves?

FFS Highways Agency - get a life!

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Jim said...

I have some sympathy with the Highways Agency here - I often come to roundabouts that have plants on that stop you seeing over the top to see whats coming. On busy junctions being able to see a gap in the traffic coming on the opposite side of a roundabout may make the difference between a safe entry onto the roundabout, and having to accelerate like a madmad to get into a gap of unknown length, especially on roundabout of smaller diameter.