Monday, 10 August 2009

Idiotic Policy Implementation

A post on, by Faisal Islam (who he?) discusses the conundrum posed by the call to 'grow British' and whether this means 'don't buy foreign'.

What this post illustrates is the lack of logic in this government's - and socialists in general - ability to 'forward think' - together with the ability to dig a hole for themselves.

What we have here is a government minister trying to justify a policy of 'helping Africa' which at the same time negates the climate change/CO2 emission argument - two policies to which they have 'signed up' and which are contradictory of each other.

Yet again this same government minister is exhorting us to grow 'British' produce whilst having, previously, signed up to the idea of using what land we have to grow bio-fuels - a policy 'in ruins', as demonstrated here

It would seem that it is now obvious why this government gets nothing done - they spend all their time juggling, trying to keep all these ideas - which are 'balls' - in the air at the same time!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Good stuff - most of these policies cancel out. Which is why if you really did 'joined up government' you'd end up with very few policies whatsoever, once you abandon the ones that cancel out.

Which is a good idea in itself, of course.