Friday, 21 August 2009

We Have Ways Of Making You ............ (Fill In Blank)

Richard North, over at EU Referendum has a post on the EU's e-call system and links to another post he wrote nearly two years ago on the same subject (both well worth reading).

The ridiculous part of all this is that the system requires the EU's Galileo satellite to be operational. From memory - as I do not have the time right now to search for the article(s) in question - I seem to recall that there is no hope of Galileo being operational by 2014, that China - which was a 'partner' in the project - has since pulled out, 'run off' with the 'techie' knowledge and is now 'streets ahead' (or should that be: has rocketed ahead) with implementing their own satellite system!

Now, what is that old saying about bull and china? Something along the lines of:

'The EU is a load of Bull, Meissen*'?

* As in My Son?

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