Thursday, 20 August 2009

The NHS' Little (?) Brother

Courtesy of Ambush Predator I have stumbled across a plan by this government to set up yet another monolith, this time called the National Care Service, which is proposed in a Green Paper.

Besides having a foreward by our Prime Twat, it also has a foreward written by 7 - that is right 7 - of the Prime Twat's little twats, namely Burnham, Byrne, Cooper & Balls, Mandelson, Denham and Jowell.

I intend posting, in slightly more detail, on this later, however one interesting point immediately arose, on page 5, in the foreward signed by the little twats. It will be recalled that, on Hannan's comments about the NHS in which he argued for change, all the little twats, led by Burnham were all over the media complaining about Hannan's remarks being 'unpatriotic' etc etc. It will also be recalled that one of Hannan's points was that a system designed 60 years ago, in an entirely different era, cannot serve a society that has changed so much - another remark for which Hannan was vilified.

Lo and behold, what do we read in the little twat's foreward - allow me to quote:

"The current care and support system was designed in the 1940s and we need to develop a system that fits our needs in the 21st century."

Game, Set & Match - Hannan!

Afterthought: The Executive Summary makes great mention of the fact that it wishes to set out a vision to build a high-quality National Care Service that is fair, simple and affordable. Immediately there is a problem - the minute this government says anything will be fair, simple and affordable, we all know it will be anything but!

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