Monday, 10 August 2009

Do We Really Care?

The Coffee House has a post about Mandelson and the fact that, in their opinion, "The master of media manipulation has finally worked out how to manipulate the media for his own benefit."

Er.... Who in their right mind would believe that the public are interested in the fact they were 'converted to green tea by Carol Caplin' or that their diet 'chiefly involves them being hungry'? The words to Carly Simons 'Your So Vain' spring to mind......."You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht" - mind you he has done both those! - but one hesitates to bring this to his attention as he would probably think the song was about him!

Another quote from this post also brought a wry smile: ".....and given the interview to a journalist talented enough to do him justice." Journalist? Talented? Do we have an oxymoron here? This is 'journalism' that my 'proverbial monkey with one brain cell' could have written!

Yet another example why the professions of politician and journalism have sunk to such an all time low, in my humble opinion.

No doubt others will disagree!

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