Sunday, 16 August 2009


There are those politicians who show great learning, who craft a well written treatise such as Hannan and Carswell with their work 'The Plan', and unfortunately, there are those that do not or cannot.

This, with the title 'The rich must contribute', can be held as an example of the latter, if only for the implied self-flagellation contained therein.

"Britain increasingly resembles one of those developing countries whose economy and society are dominated by internationally mobile business managers and a pampered local elite."

"There are, however, two things that do cause offence: one is reward without merit, or reward for failure; the other is tax-dodging. We have plenty of both."

So that will be Members of Parliament - guilty of all charges - you are discussing then, Vince? And yes, we do have plenty of both - getting on for a few hundred, or two, or three, I reckon! Also, presumably, your reference to a 'pampered local elite' refers to our Quangocrats, 'Fake' Charities and their ilk?

"If a £25,000-a-week footballer is lazy or useless, the crowd provides a public exercise in market-testing."

If only we had 'market-testing' for our Members of Parliament - a 'recall' system, open primaries? Or are those two ideas too liberal for a democrat, Vince?

I recall reading, just recently, that Members of Parliament are amongst the top 3 per cent of earners and so, by logic, must be included in the 'rich' members of our society. Therefore is this policy, like so many emanating from the LibDems, not illogical - or, put another way, a case of 'turkeys voting for Christmas'?

Maybe this article by the Member of Parliament for Twickenham demonstates why it is so difficult to eVince a reason for the existence of the Liberal Democrat Party?

Just a thought................


subrosa said...

A very candid thought if I may say so.

Witterings From Witney said...

Thank you kindly, Ma'am!