Friday, 14 August 2009

Jumping On The Band Wagon

The press is not renowned for 'true' reporting in a number of cases and, in order to sell newspapers, sensationalises' events; or in the case of radio and television, censors what is broadcast.

An example of this can be seen in this
post by SUBROSA, which whilst being an American media outlet, illustrates the point I make. The Coffee House has a post on this aspect of the 'Dan Hannan Criticism Of The NHS' story, which shows that Fox News have, indeed, 'sensationalised' their coverage and reporting.

We are then presented with the unedifying spectacle of our politicians 'seizing' on an incorrect report and 'pontificating' on the subject in question in order to either (a) put themselves in the media 'spotlight' or, (b) to 'push' their 'party line' which, in turn, results in a 'party squabble' that degenerates into farce.

If they wish to be taken seriously, is it not time our 'political elite' stopped acting like children and grew up?

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