Monday, 24 August 2009

Skewed Priorities?

Yesterday I posted about the 'news' that Britain's contributions to the EU budget are set to rise in 2010.

Today's Open Europe press summary contains articles relating to the intervention in the up-coming referendum in Ireland by the Church of Ireland, how the Yes side is set to spend ten times more than the No side - funded by taxpayer's money - repeats the fact that Britain's contributions are set to rise and how two Irish MPs are set to receive two EU pensions on top of two state pensions.

These stories are all matters which have a profound effect on Britain and the country's future - and yet are studiously ignored by our 'political elite' in Westminster; and if PoliticsHome is anything to go by, our 'political elite' prefer to 'waffle' about the fact that Gordon Brown seems to have 'lost his voice'!

The mind boggles!

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