Sunday, 23 August 2009

So This Is News?

The Sunday Telegraph, on the front page of the print edition, headlines the fact that Britain's 'contributions' to the EU budget will rise from £4.1billion to £6.4billion in 2010/2011.

And this is news? Those of us who take an interest in the European Union - something that the media should pay more attention to than they do - knew this 'news' ages ago!

In an article yesterday, Matthew Parris in the Times, questioned the effectiveness of Her Majesty's Official Opposition. Reading the article in the Sunday Telegraph and noting the comments of the Conservative Party, one can but echo the comments of Parris!

In view of their stated policy of the continuation of our membership of the EU, what would the Conservative Party do, if and when they form the next government?

Pound to a penny - whilst we still have that currency - the answer would be zilch, nada, nothing!

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subrosa said...

WfW, I'm not sure if the tories have any thoughts on the EU although didn't Cameron mention a referendum not so long ago?

There's little to chose between the tories and labour. Thankfully it's rather different up here.