Thursday, 20 August 2009

Why I Hate the Conservative, Labour & Liberal Democrat Parties

Letters from a Tory has a post entitled 'Why I hate some conservatives', leading him to question some of his 'conservative' beliefs viz-a-viz the Afghan election.

Not wishing to 'capitalize' on his post, it did bring home the realization of why I hate the Conservatives, along with Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Only a few days ago David Cameron, speaking on the subject of our continued presence in Afghanisatan stated that there was a political consensus and cross party support for this 'war'. As on many occasions one can but wonder at the contradictory desire to 'introduce' democracy to another country, whilst apparently being perfectly at ease with themselves giving away ours and, as a result, reducing Britain to a subservient level under the rule of the European Union.

On Your Freedom and Ours, Helen has a post on the latest 'plea' from two Conservative MPs for a salary level of at least £100,000, if not £130,000, per annum. She also links to an 'open letter' she wrote to MPs way back in 2006. At the time of writing there is only one comment, but this is very much 'to the point'. It suggests that, instead of a salary increase, MPs should take a corresponding cut in salary to reflect the remaining percentage of matters on which they can legislate without having to ask Brussels permission.

Setting to one side the spin, evasion of the truth and in some case the lies in which the three main political parties indulge, coupled with their venality - to name just a few of their 'attributes', it is their combined acceptance of the devaluation of our democracy which sticks in my craw!

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subrosa said...

That exactly why I don't belong to any political party WfW. Just how can the tories back the Afghanistan war really defeats me.

It only goes to show there's really nothing between Brown and Cameron.