Saturday, 8 August 2009

Another Control Pronouncement Obscenity - aka ACPO

Back in December the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), to which Britain is a signatory, ruled that the blanket and indiscriminate retention of the DNA profiles and fingerprints of people arrested but never convicted of any offence amounts to an unlawful breach of their rights. The present government has been accused of 'dragging its heels' in implementing this ruling, as noted in this article in the Guardian, which is not the main topic discussed. It is reported that the Association of Chief Police Officers has issued 'guidance' to Chief Constables to continue to retain DNA of innocent people until such time as the law is changed.

Whilst others have commented, here and here, there is another aspect to this story and that is where is any order from the Home Office, to whom the police are answerable, for immediate implementation of the decision by the ECHR? The government seem only too keen to implement the orders of their masters in Brussels, when it suits them, and to do so without delay.

This is yet another example of 'inaction' by that load of brain-dead air-heads that passes for a government of Britain and one can only hope they never enter the brewing business as we would never be able to partake in the ensuing 'celebration' - no doubt due to health and safety laws coupled with 'alcohol concern' considerations.

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