Sunday, 9 August 2009

Don't Mess With 'Them Up North'

Conservative Home has a rolling blog on what they have termed 'the Conservative Party's biggest summer media hits'. Various items have been proposed for inclusion resulting in the 'blind party faithful' offering their suggestions and comments - the first one being praise for Liam Fox's condemnation of the story about Ridgebacks sitting idle in Dubai. Amongst the comments is one from Richard North, of Defence of the Realm and EU Referendum, of which there is no rebuttal to date.

Perhaps there is a distinct lack of support for Liam Fox's views or that it is generally acknowledged that Richard North is a more knowledgable 'fox' than that of the Liam variety - especially on the subject of the Armed Forces - and that one does not 'cross them up North'?

Just a thought................

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subrosa said...

I think anyone who posts about the military ought to mention Forces Twitter. It's important people know just how many soldiers are giving their lives for their protection. Of course Afghanistan isn't protecting us, exactly the opposite.