Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Harman Has Shown There Is an Alternative For Labour

The title of this post is that which Politics Home used to link to this story - an article by Frank Field, writing in the New Statesman.

First thought was - Cesarean, followed by - Lobotomy?

Arguing that the Government should draw up a single objective for each department, with a view to showing strategic thinking and to provide Labour MPs with hope for the future, he ends with these words:

".... voters might actually like to see what a re-elected Labour government would do after the May general election."

To be perfectly frank, Frank, the last thing the British electorate would like to see is another re-elected Labour government! We are well aware what such a catastrophe would bring by way of yet more state intervention, more powers ceded to Brussels, more 'fake' charities telling us what is good for us (in their eyes), more borrowing which would mean it would be not just our grandchildren paying off the debt - more likely our great grandchildren, even our great-great grandchildren.

For the third time in my lifetime Frank, your party has 'blown it' so - no Frank, no, no, no!

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