Monday, 24 August 2009

Hannan On Britain's EU Contributions

Dan Hannan, writing on the Telegraph's blog page comments on Philip Hammond's response to the 'news' in respect of Britain's contribution to the EU.

"Large as these numbers are, they understate the true cost of membership. I mean, why should we look at the net rather than the gross contribution? In what other field of politics do we do so? Does anyone argue that income tax, rather than being 22 per cent, is in fact zero, because the whole sum is “given back” in roads, schools and hospitals? What matters is what we hand over: depending on whether you take Treasury or EU figures, either £10.2 billion or £12.4 billion a year."

One point, that is perhaps debatable, in Hannan's blog is:

".......Philip Hammond, the Shadow Chief Secretary, is turning his formidable mind......."


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