Saturday, 29 August 2009

Biased Reporting?

The BBC reports on Gordon Brown's 'surprise' visit to Afghanistan - point of order: it may have been a 'surprise' visit to the British public, but hardly to the Armed Forces chiefs, so why the word 'surprise? - yet does not mention the fact that our Supreme Leader had to field a taxing question from a 'mere' Lance-Corporal - yes, ok, so the report does state he discussed the issue of pay.

One also has to question what a two-hour 'surprise' visit can hope to accomplish and when the cost of transportation is considered, let alone CO2 emissions, the question becomes almost unanswerable. Surely the conversation with Gen Stanley McChrystal, the American head of Nato forces could have been held during a telephone conversation? And he has to go to Afghanistan to meet Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, Chief of the Defence Staff?

The statement '
The UK government is keen to see improved standards of governance...." really does make one's blood boil when one considers this government has done nothing to improve the 'standards of governance' in the United Kingdom, in fact having accomplished the exact reverse!

It is hoped that the Armed Forces do not place too much reliance on the promises made by Gordon Brown - noted in the BBC article - as we all know the man breaks them without a second thought!

Is this no more than an attempt to make a political point, to 'raise' Gordon Brown's profile in the media, at the expense of the taxpayer?

Just a thought........

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