Thursday, 27 August 2009

Heres Why John

John Rentoul, writing on Independent Minds, asks why is Tony Blair hated so much by - Rentoul claims - a small minority. ('small' and 'minority' - debatable)

Having asked the question, it is only fair that an answer should be given - not necessarily in order of importance.

1. For having agreed to the even deeper integration of Britain into the European Union.

2. For having taken Britain into wars which did not really have anything to do with us.

3. For tinkering with Britain's constitution - House of Lords, Devolution and our democracy without having any idea of the ramifications involved.

4. For presenting himself and his Party as 'whiter than white' when, in fact, this was so far from the truth.

5. For not 'slapping down' his Chancellor of the Exchequer and thereby allowing him 'free-rein' to wreck our economy.

6. For promising Britain Utopia and failing to deliver.

7. For being such a prat as to have a surname, an anagram of which is T B Liar.

8. For being a Socialist.

9. For breaking heaven knows how many manifesto promises. (Smoking, for one)

10. For having introduced a 'Presidential' style of government, diminishing the role of our Parliament, introduction of 'spin' in political presentation and for not being what he presented himself as, namely a 'straight kind of a guy'.

Afterthought: If any reasons have been missed - please feel free to add in the comments section!

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subrosa said...

WfW, I think the most important one is the fact Blair had no understanding of finance matters and left it to Brown.