Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Wonder Of Spin

John Redwood has a post asking the question: 'RBS - Did It Make A Profit' and debates the presentation of data in the Interim Statement issued by RBS, viz-a-viz the matter of 'spin'.

His post ends with the words:

"That’s the wonder of spin. You include the items you like, and leave out the items you don’t like. It is only dangerous if you start to believe the selective figures."

As I pointed out in the comments section (wonder whether it will get posted?) the presentation of 'selective data' is something that all three main political parties are guilty of, especially when considering their manifestos and speeches. An example of this was evident during the period of the European elections, when the one subject which that election was about was the one subject they all avoided discussing like the plague - namely the question of Britain's membership of the European Union!

As I have posted previously, David Cameron has on three occasions refused to publicly debate that subject, at a public arena within his own constituency - and I do not consider 'Cameron Direct' events to be a 'public debate', more a stage-managed PR exercise.

Whilst having 'a lot of time' for John Redwood, as I had to remind him in connection with his last paragraph - he said it!

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