Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dept For Communities & Local Government

The resource accounts (2008/2009) for the DCLG have just been published and can be viewed here.

Now you 'figure-chaps' will no doubt be able to make more of this than someone who can just about manage his own bank statement, however a number of interesting data emerges.

Page 11 of the report reveals that, over the next two years, 'providing a more efficient, effective and transparent planning system' will only cost us a mere £59.9million and central administration will only rise £4.9million - so thats alright then!

Payments to 'charities' - now this is interesting!

Pages 17-22 show the payments made to these 'charities', or benevolent or philanthropic institutions. Whilst the total payments has reduced from £10,811,112 to £8,156,857 what is interesting is to whom the donations have been made.

£607,563 has been paid out to 'charities', benevolent and phlanthropic organisations that 'support' the Muslim faith.

Peter Housden, Permanent Secretary, received a 'benefit-in-kind' in the form of an interest-free housing loan - nice one Peter, although not what is imagined people feel they pay taxes for.

And I won't even start on the figures covering Pension Benefits!

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