Monday, 17 August 2009

You Will Do As The State Says

Firstly we hear that the Government is to set a limit on how much a certain sector of workers is allowed to earn and then we come across another story that informs us a local authority is deciding how far out from the kerb we may park.

Whilst I am no fan of bankers, the state decides to tell that sector how much they can earn...........? A local authority is to decide whether a car is 1mm outside a 'proscribed zone'?

As Captain Ranty says on a recent post, politicians of all parties need to be reminded we are not here to do their bidding, rather they are where they are to do our bidding!

Not only that, but I for one am enrolling in the Ranty's 'No' campaign!

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Captain Ranty said...

It's getting worse, isn't it?

Death by a thousand cuts. We all ignored the first wound. It was too small to worry about. That, or someone else was wounded and had no immediate effect on us.

Then another, then another, and pretty soon we are all bleeding and asking each other how the hell it happened.

Thank you for the link, and thank you for joining the No Campaign.

That's two of us. It is a fine beginning.


Cap'n Ranty.