Saturday, 15 August 2009

Cameron's 'Double Standards'?

For having the temerity to suggest that a health care system, invented 60 years ago, might just need modernising brings forth a rebuke for Daniel Hannan, who Cameron accuses of having eccentric views. This rebuke may also be due to the fact it presents a challenge to the idea that the Conservatives are not 'NHS friendly'.

Yet when David Willetts complains about the incessant announcements he has to endure on his train journey from his Hampshire constituency to Waterloo, this seems acceptable to his leader. On the basis that these announcements are to comply with EU Regulation 1371/2007, is not Willetts just as guilty of questioning Conservative Policy as if it is EU policy then it must follow that it is Conservative policy on the basis Cameron's avowed intention is to remain a member of that odious organisation.

As Christopher Booker suggests, maybe David Willetts should keep quiet?

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