Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Climate Change - Oh For FFS!

So 'scientists' have 'discovered', from a study of eight Australian Birds, climate change is the culprit; what a surprise - not!

"Climate change is being blamed because varieties of the same birds tend to be smaller near the equator and larger closer to the poles to help them conserve heat more efficiently".

Setting to one side whatever 'science' is involved, it was believed the knowledge that, where there is one species living in both a hot and cold environment, those inhabiting the latter would be bigger due to the greater amount of body fat and covering - be that feathers or fur - to counteract the lower temperatures and that that was now 'accepted knowledge'. To blame it on climate change seems just too easy and the immediate riposte must be - prove it!

Australia has about 800 species of bird, so a 1 per cent 'sample' proves the reason is climate change?

It is also notable that, as an example of 'professional journalism', the writer of the article 'parrots' what was presumably the press release without in any way raising the question of 'how'.

Journalists and Scientists - don't you just love them?

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Fausty said...

Hmmmm. Aren't the Dutch meant to be the tallest and the Bushmen the shortest of the human race?

Could be something to do with genetic and access to good food or ...

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