Monday, 24 August 2009

Brown to Host 'Test' Reception

Paul Waugh reports that Gordon Brown has invited the England Test team to a 'congratulatory' reception at Downing Street.

"It has provided high sporting drama throughout the summer that has again gripped the entire nation....."

Appreciate he is talking about the cricket - or is it his Government's 'shenanigans'?

"I would like to invite the England squad into Downing Street for a reception to celebrate your victory."

Presumably the 'I would like to invite.....' means he will be paying for it? As he has £197,689 pa 'pocket money', presumably he can afford it, seeing as the end result is one of 'image self-promotion'

Afterthought: Whilst also believing that the achievement of the test squad is worthy of congratulation, whose achievement is the greater - winning a cricket trophy or managing to stay alive in an ill-conceived war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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